Dr. Nabamita Sanyal
Assistant Professor
Bengali Department
Email ID : sanyal.nabamita87@gmail.com



Dr. Nabamita Sanyal graduated from Presidency College, Kolkata in 2008 and got her Master Degree from the University Of Calcutta in 2010. In June 2011, she qualified NET with JRF. She got her Ph.D. degree from University Of Calcutta in 2019. Title of the thesis is 'ANTORJATIKOTAR PREKKHITE BISWAMAITREEDUT RABINDRANATH'.


Present Address:  Dr. Nabamita Sanyal

                           H/O Anjali Chaudhury

                           91/c, 77 Pirojpur, Malda (Near Pan Card Office)



Worked as a Permanent, Full Time Assistant Professor of Bengali (in a pay scale of Rs. 15,600-39,100 with AGP 6,000)/- and also acted as the Head of the Department of Bengali at Adamas University, Barasat, Kolkata from 04.09.2015 to 30.11.2017.


Dr. Sanyal has a specialization on Tagore Literature, Modern Bengali Poetry, Folklore and literature (special paper in M.A.), and Kathasahitya.


Tagore Literature and Modern Bengali Poetry.


  • Tagore Literature
  • Modern Bengali Poetry
  • Folklore and literature 
  • Chhotogolpo o Golpokar
  • History of Indian Cinema
  • Indian Classical music
  • Tagore's music and Art


Research Articles:

 Published several articles and poems in Presidency College Magazine, Calcutta University Magazine, Calcutta University Research Journal, Desh Patrika (2007, 2008), Parichoy (2010), Unish-Kuri (2007), Samay (TOI)[2009], Ekush Satak, Chandromas, Alo, Kabita Simanto, Hundred Miles and many other journals and little magazines.


A Detailed List of Publications:

Sl. No.

Type of Publication

Title of the Article/ Book

Name of the Journal/Book




Book Authored

“Ami aar Godhuli Likhbona”




Conference Proceedings

“Dhormiyo Anushange Geetanjalir Baideshik Grohonjogyota”

‘Shatobarse Geetanjali’ :Banga Bhasa o Sahitya Bivag, University of Calcutta



Research paper

“Gramin Arthanitir Punarujjibane Rabindranath o Samakalin Prasangikata”




Research Paper

“Ganer vitor diye Jakhon Dekhi Bhubankhani : Prasanga Sudhir Chakrobarty”

Hundred Miles



Research Paper

“Chena Prem, Achena Padabali: ekti Akhyaner Nabonirman”

Hundred Miles



Research Paper

“Rabindranath o Japan : Ekti Samparker Punorbichar”

Viswakosh Parisad Patrika



Research Article

“Antorjatikatar Prekhkhite Rabindra Chitrakala o Chitrabhabna”

Research Journal of Bengali Language and Literature

Regd. No. 2770B

(A Peer Reviewed Journal)


  • Presentation of Papers in Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops:
  • Presented a Research paper Titled “Dharmiya Anushange Geetanjalir Baideshik Grahanjogyata” in the International Conference on “Shatobarsher Aloy Geetanjali o Nobel Prapti.”


  • Presented a paper titled “Rabindra Pandulipir Adhare Duti Kobitar Tulonamulok Alochona” in the workshop on “Manuscript of Tagore” organized by Calcutta University.


  • Presented a paper titled “Baul Maromiya o Dukhojaganiya Rabindranath” in the International Seminer on “Rabindranath o Baul Sanskriti” organized by Rabindra bharati University.


  • Presented a paper in a Workshop titled “A Myriad Milieu: Myth and Folklore in Rabindranath Tagore’s Creations” organized by The Asiatic Society. (A seven-day workshop in The Asiatic Society)


  • Presented a Paper titled “Rabindranather Samobay Bhabna O Samakalin Prashongikota” in the International Seminar on “Vision of Rabindranath Tagore on Co-Operative Society and Community Development” at Visva-Bharati on 18-19 August 2017.


  • Presented a paper titled “Where the Poet Becomes the Nationalist, Where the Man Becomes the Icon: Rabindranath Tagore and his Idea of Nationalism and Internationalism” at the International Conference on “In Search of Hero (es): Within the Genre and Beyond” at Banaras Hindu University on 23-24 February 2018.


  • Presented a paper titled “#Me Too Movement: Is a Free speaking Platform Really an Initial Step to a Society Free from Gender Violence?” at the National Seminar on “Education for Sustainable Development: Building a Better World” at the Department of Education, Visva-Bharati on 15-16 February 2019.


  • Participation in Conferences/Seminars/Workshops:


  • Participated in an international Seminar on “Ami Bichitrer Dut: Rabindra Drishti o Bhabnar Barnali” (An UGC seminar organized by Asutosh College).


  • Participated in an International Seminar on “The Literary Universe of Rabindranath Tagore”— a three day International seminar in The Asiatic Society.


  • Participated in “The Man of My Heart” an International Tagore Lecture delivered by Prof. Anisuzzaman organized by The Asiatic Society.


  • Participated in a seminar on “Bangla Banan Samasya” organized by the Department of Bengali, Visva-Bharati.







  • Research Experience (Ph.D.):

Awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the Department of Bengali, University of Calcutta in March 2019. The title of the thesis is— “Antorjatikatar Prekhkhite Biswamaitreedut Rabindranath” (“আন্তর্জাতিকতার প্রেক্ষিতে বিশ্বমৈত্রীদূত রবীন্দ্রনাথ).


 Research Experiences (Other than Ph.D.):

  • Worked as a Research Fellow in the project “Tagore and Asia” under the supervision of Prof. Swapan Mazumder at the Asiatic Society, Kolkata from 01.03.2011 to 29.02.2012 (for the period of one year)


  • Pursued Independent research on the writings and correspondences of Rabindranath Tagore and Rani Mahalanobis at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata for more than six months in the year 2014.



  • Cultural and Artistic Exposure

As an Independent Performer/Artist

  • Performed in various cultural programmes of recitation as an artist in Kolkata as an active member of “KABYAN” (A Foundation of the eminent artist, Bratati Bandyopadhyay) from 2005 to 2007


  • Performed in various cultural programmes and recordings of music and drama as an artist in Kolkata as an active member of “Ashok Renu” (A Foundation of the eminent singer, Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta) from 2005 to 2008


  • Performed in various cultural programmes of music as an artist in Kolkata as an active member of “Disha” (A Foundation of the eminent singers, Indrani Sen and Srabani Sen) from 2007 to 2008


  • Participated as a Street Photographer in the Exhibition of Paintings, Photography and Sculptures organized by Contemporary Kolktata in Gallery Gold, Kolkata from 6th to 8th October 2018.


  • Co-organized an Exhibition of Paintings and Photography at Gallery Gold Kolkata (sponsored by “Tobu Ovimaan”, a literary and cultural Foundation, Kolkata) from 8th to 10th January 2019.


As a Faculty Member

  • Acted as a Secretary of the Cultural Committee of Adamas University during the session 2015-2017.


  • Organized a Photography Exhibition by the students and faculty of Adamas University in November 2015.


  • Organized several cultural programmes, dramas, dance-dramas and performances by the students of Adamas University during the session 2015-2017.


  • Co-Organized the International Workshop as a Joint Convener on Creative Writing in Adamas University on 5th April 2017.


  • Awards and Achivements


  • Awarded The Young Poet Award by the Rotary Club Foundation, Kolkata in the year 2012.


  • Awarded First prize in the competition of “Self-Composed Poems” by the University of Calcutta in 2009.


  • Obtained the “Bani Basu Memorial Award” for academic excellence in Presidency College in the year 2008.


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